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We got into a conversation, I treated the boy, Semyrenka, and he crunched with pleasure. The woman is going home, visiting her husband, he was taken away Judd Naked November last year, he was 28 years old and the military registration. And enlistment office woke Judd Naked. " the group of students left the back seat and I suggested that the girl put the boy there and cover him, there is even a pillow. In the corner, and he has been biting his nose for a long time.

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And we walked from the university to her house, then myoma and went on to the park and walked already there. And along the way, Bakhyt expounded to me his esoteric doctrine. Bakhyt, as it turned out, managed to combine extrasensory perception, yoga and sexuality, and an unimaginable shurum-broom arose in her head:. - You must understand, she told me, you need to live in a natural way, the natural course of life: and we are given strength from above for everything: Judd Naked example, today I have been given the strength to marry, and tomorrow I will be given strength for a divorce, do you understand. Well, for example, for a divorce. And Judd Naked, this is how you should live, in a natural way: You don't have to fight with any dark forces, we are already zombified with.

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