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HOW-TO: Add drag/drop behavior to a YUI tree

Today we continue the adventures of “Getting the Yahoo Interface Library to play with Rails”. Though today’s episode will be much more about the yui than rails. In fact, the techniques mentioned can be applied to a variety of technology stacks. Before you begin with this tutorial, make sure you have gone through HOW-TO: Integrate […]

21 comments August 9th, 2006

The quest for a drag/drop yui tree…

I am in the process of doing some R&D on a drag/drop yui tree and then hooking all that up with rails and ajax — it will take a little time. In the mean time, I recommend this thread at the yui discussion group. It has an example of how to do drag drop with […]

1 comment August 7th, 2006

HOW-TO: Integrate a YUI tree with Rails

In this episode of “Getting the Yahoo Interface Library to play with Rails” we will focus on trees. If you haven’t gone through it already, I suggest you at least give the first article in the series a glance. That article will give you a quick overview of how to dowload the YUI and configure […]

9 comments July 16th, 2006

HOW-TO: Get Rails and the Yahoo User Interface (YUI) to talk — Part 1

In the course of working on our project, we have spent the last few weeks working with both the Yahoo User Intefact library (YUI) and Ruby on Rails. Both frameworks are useful tools, but neither was written with the other in mind and integrating the two has been … well let’s just say a fun […]

23 comments July 8th, 2006


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