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The Web 2.0 Startup Primer

Look around you; read the blogs, the industry news sites, the Wall Street Journal. If you have been sitting on a killer idea waiting for the right time, wait no longer. The time is now. But before you launch, consider this: the software industry does not suffer from a lack of great ideas; it suffers […]

5 comments July 3rd, 2006

HOW-TO: Update your daily status in VersionOne

To get the most out of VersionOne, during an iteration each team member should update their status at the end of each day. Fortunately that process is one that only takes 1-5 minutes. So, team members, keep in mind, for the cost of 1-5 minutes a day you no longer have to write those pesky […]

1 comment June 19th, 2006

HOW-TO: Prepare for your first Iteration (using VersionOne)

How to begin? You have the idea. You have the team. Now you want to make sure you come off the starting block clean. A bad start can doom a project so the beginning is a very critical and delicate time. There are many ways to start a project and “best practices” will vary depending […]

3 comments June 4th, 2006

HOW-TO: Setup a project in VersionOne

In today’s world of Web 2.0 expectations, it is important to manage your project using Web 2.0 friendly methods and tools. For my money, that means an agile development process and using an agile friendly project planning tool. The best tool I found that fits the bill is VersionOne. This HOW-TO will take you through […]

5 comments May 16th, 2006


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