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The Hunt for Neutron-7

Back in my days of playing Star Wars Galaxies, I was Ichiir, the wookie — renegade mayor of Tusken’s Bane.  We had organized quite a community of players in those days and through that organization we were able to do some unique and innovative events.  One of those events was called “The Hunt for Neutron-7” […]

7 comments April 28th, 2006

A new business model for tabletop role playing

For the past 5 years there has been a consistent flow of posts forecasting the imminent death of the tabletop RPG market. And it is true that year over year, there has been a notable downward trend. 2004 was especially brutal, and the report on 2005 that came out in March, though not as bad […]

5 comments April 25th, 2006

If you were ever interested in printing a collectible card game…

…just run away — don’t do it! Alright, so you still want to, well I might as well share what I know…. So I learned a lot when I attempted to purchase Cyberpunk CCG. One of the things is what a pain the @#$ it is to figure out how to layout the printing forms. […]

2 comments April 24th, 2006

The Night City Rules game concept thread (first one)…

Ok, so this is a bit out of order, but this was the original brainstorm thread.  I continued it with the thread in the earlier article.  In this thread, we hadn’t come up with the name “Night City Rules” — we were still calling it the meta-game. Sonjaya: So, what is the meta-game? Before I […]

Add comment April 24th, 2006

The NightCity Rules game concept thread…

In the early portion of 2005, I attempted to purchase Cyberpunk CCG. We were going to integrate online and offline play via a system we were calling Night City Rules. I have included the brainstorming discussion thread here. Its a long one: Night City Rules (Day in the life of Herbert): Sonjaya: Herbert just came […]

4 comments April 22nd, 2006


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