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Ekaterinburg Trip 2 Travelog: Day 8

It is the morning of the eighth day. I sit in the hotel room as we wait for Yana; the sounds of the morning traffic permeate the window and curtains resulting in a pulsating mechanical moan – the urban equivalent of the surf of the ocean. We count down the days. Today is day two […]

1 comment March 29th, 2007

Ekaterinburg Trip 2 Travelog: The greatest moment

You would think, that on the day we had our court hearing, the greatest moment would have been the one where they read the decision to register Tanya and myself as the parents of Dascha and Nikolai. And to be sure, as it was the climax of a process that started in November of 2005, […]

3 comments March 28th, 2007

Ekaterinburg Trip 2 Travelog: Day 6

We need now only wait the 10 day waiting period to provide any interested party the right to appeal. But today, we were told: Yes, you are their parents. I will write a full blog entry later, but for now we celebrate and I figured you would all appreciate the update before we headed out

2 comments March 28th, 2007

Ekaterinburg Trip 2 Travelog: Day 4

He walked into the room supported by the caretaker. His walk was stiff and unsteady. He clearly was a child more at ease sitting than walking. The music room with its lights and size overwhelmed him and his eyes darted casting worried glances when they caught the eyes of another. When he spoke, it was […]

3 comments March 26th, 2007

Ekaterinburg Trip 2 Travelog: Day 3

No words today, just pictures. Click to see.

1 comment March 25th, 2007

Ekaterinburg Trip 2 Travelog: Day 2

The predominant smell of Baby House number 5 is that of boiled potato and cabbage. Underneath that is the laundered clothes being cleaned of exactly what you would imagine 110 children would need to have cleaned from all their clothes. And finally, there is the hint of the heated water in the pipes that heat […]

Add comment March 24th, 2007

Ekaterinburg Trip 2 Travelog: Day 1

Dashca was crying when Yana walked into the room. She had just woken from her nap and was unhappy to find out that the little stuffed dog doll she went to sleep with was taken away. So focused on her misfortune, the words Yana spoke did not immediately register. “Why are you crying today Dascha, […]

2 comments March 23rd, 2007

Ekaterinburg Trip 2 Travelog: Prologue

I sit at a desk crammed with three computes madly typing away as if engaged in some manic symphony. I prepare, with hope, for that day we have been marching towards since the beginning. Our tickets are in hand and we are to fly tomorrow. Even at this late date, there are no certainties. But […]

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