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Ekaterinburg Trip 1 Travelog: Day 4

The day was everything we had hoped it would be and more. When I have the energy, I will provide a bit more of a writeup. For now the pictures of Darya — or Dasha (the name means ‘gift’) which is her nickname will have to suffice. As to the boy, we have to decide […]

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Ekaterinburg Trip 1 Travelog: Day 3

It has been a long road to tomorrow; but now only the night separates us from our hope. Emotionally this process has been beyond anything we could have conceived. But on the eve of “our day” my heart is at peace. I am ready to meet them. The day began with Tanya informing me that […]

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Ekaterinburg Trip 1 Travelog: Day 2

We woke today at 5:30am. The streets below were quiet. It was colder than the day before. But as the day matured it revealed itself to be one of sunshine. I spent most of the morning writing the travelog for day one. We ate a leisurely breakfast downstairs and made a quick trip to the […]

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Ekaterinburg Trip 1 Travelog: Day 1

Despite the brisk -27 degrees Celsius temperature when we arrived, I would describe Ekaterinburg as a warm city. The people are kind and friendly and are reminiscent in attitude to those I know in Upstate New York. Ekaterinburg lies on the eastern slope of the Ural Mountains. It is a city rich in history and […]

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Greetings from Ekaterinburg!

This is just a quick note for those wondering how our trip is going. After the months long wait, we have finally arrived to Ekaterinburg for our first trip. Other than the initial trauma of not getting our passports/visa until 10am of the morning we were travelling, the trip so far has been smooth. We […]

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FRAMEWORK 101: Building XCF – Lesson 03 – Implementing Convention

If you have looked around this blog you know I am a fan of Ruby on Rails. In fact, for most of you, it is how you found this blog. To a large degree version 6 of XCF, the one this series of articles is about, is based on applying my lessons learned from Ruby […]

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