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Welcome to the world, Sienna!

My brother and his wife had a new addition to their family this morning And the grandparents of said new member are eager to see some photos — so, Mom and Dad — here you go:

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Congratulations Heather!

Our niece, Heather, graduates from high school tomorrow and we are going up to Northern California to celebrate with her — so no blog articles this weekend as our focus will be on this very important life milestone    

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Ok, do I freak out now….

… or when I break down and buy one of these when they hit the streets in a decade or so.

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HOW-TO: Configure Eclipse for Subversion using as the subversion host

Ok, so you are starting to get a good feel for RoR. You have configured Eclipse for RoR development and are now ready to start that killer project that will set you up for early retirement. It is time for good source code control management and these days that means subversion. Now, you can set […]

6 comments May 23rd, 2006

Agenda Redux iteration 2 kick-off

ITERATION 2: Item entry and category column assignment The goal of iteration 2 is to get a minimalistic version of  the product in your hands.  Functionally, we want you to be able to do the following: Add/Remove Sections Add/Remove Columns Add/Remove Items Assign items to categories At the end of this iteration, the product will […]

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Agenda Redux iteration 1 wrap-up

We completed the first iteration of AgendaRedux.  At this point in time, there are 8 iterations planned for the first release (so 1 down, seven to go).  The goal of the first release is to rebuild existing Agenda functionality.  The purpose of this release is to prove that Agenda can be done as a webapp.  […]

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HOW-TO: Setup a project in VersionOne

In today’s world of Web 2.0 expectations, it is important to manage your project using Web 2.0 friendly methods and tools. For my money, that means an agile development process and using an agile friendly project planning tool. The best tool I found that fits the bill is VersionOne. This HOW-TO will take you through […]

5 comments May 16th, 2006

Are we approaching a tipping point for Ruby on Rails?

For my own company, there is no question. I will use Ruby on Rails. But as Architect for a software company that produces software that semi-conductor companies use to make million dollar decisions, I must be more cautious with my decision making. It is not enough that the technology is ‘insanely great’. I need to […]

7 comments May 13th, 2006

Coming attractions…

This has been a busy week for me.  I have spent most of my free time working on Agenda Redux.  Plus today, Tanya got back from Hawaii!  But I haven’t forgot about this blog.  I have several articles in the works and thought you all would appreciate the list of what is on the docket […]

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First screenshots of the Agenda Redux project (built with RoR for all you rails fans)

Remember now, I warned you that these screens would look as if they were designed by a developer   Still, though, it is always good to do a little show and tell. So, on to the first screen.  This screen is displayed right after pressing the New File… link: At this point in time, when […]

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