Ekaterinburg Trip 1 Travelog: Epilog

December 14th, 2006

Two weeks. Two weeks since we first saw their faces and knew, finally, that these were our children. Two weeks since that day when Tanya and I sat before the directors at the MOE and discovered it was her, our “gift”, the very girl we had seen a year earlier in a chance photo on the databank. The very girl who grew on our minds throughout the year. The very girl we had been thinking of when we said the name “Asha” (which means hope), the name we had decided was to be our daughter’s name. The very girl whose name turned out to be “Dascha” (which means gift), a name we will not change.

We fought so hard not to attach to her while we waited; we wanted to give whatever child they selected for us the maximum opportunity to bond. It was a loosing battle. Somehow we knew, somehow we felt her.

Two weeks. Two weeks since we first laid eyes upon our Yascha, whom we will soon call Nikolai August. Two weeks since we were captured by his eyes, by his courage, by his overpowering embrace. Two weeks since he taught us joy. Yascha’s first year of life was a difficult one. There are challenges ahead for this beautiful little boy. But when we look upon him, we don’t see the difficulties. We see an inquisitive mind. We see the heart of a lion. We see a child with desire; desire to become the best life will offer him. He is inspiration incarnate.

How much our life has changed since that day two weeks ago. We never knew such joy was possible as the joy we experienced when we first held them. We never knew our hearts were capable of the love we feel for these two little souls.

And it has been just over one week since we saw them last. We do not know how long it will be until we can return, until we are told finally: yes, you are their parents. We wait. We endure. We do what we must for these two little ones.

But my mind thinks not on one week, it thinks two. For that day, that glorious day, I now know, was the day I was born for.

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