Though fires abound, all is well.

October 25th, 2007

For those that are interested, all is well with the Tandon’s here in San Diego. The fires have been north and south of us.

The photo above shows you the southern tip of the Witch fire and most of the Harris fire. As you can see the fires are a good distance from our house. At this point the Harris fire is slow moving and there are many communities between us and the fire so the risk to us is extremely low from that direction. The witch fire is now moving east away from us and is also a very low risk to us.

The Cedar fires four years ago came much closer than these fires have.

It has been interesting watching Dascha during this. Using blocks, she has built several “fire zones” throughout the house and warns us to stay away from them. She has rescued several dolls from the fire zones and set up a burn treatment centers to heal them. She uses blankets to ‘bandage’ the burns.

Tuesday was the hardest day for me. I was up pretty late Monday tracking the fire and felt by the morning that we were safe for at least that day — safe enough that I could go to work. As I put my bag on my shoulder, Dascha looked at me and tears formed in her eyes. “You can’t leave, it’s too smokey” she cried. I picked her up and held her for about ten minutes. All the while she whispered into my ear “Don’t leave me. I need to be near you.” Finally she became calm and I was able to leave for work — though her words echoed in my head the entire day.

Our hearts go out to all the families whose lives were disrupted and especially those who lost their homes. We have friends whose homes are still at risk and our hopes are for their safety and for their homes to be spared.

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