Agenda Redux Iteration 3 Wrap-up

June 18th, 2006

Iteration 3: Multiple views and category values

We were looking to do a few things in this iteration: add support for the basic category types, support multipe views, and make the UI more friendly and modern.
The key features we were shooting for were:

  1. Use a tree to render the Category manager DEFFERRED
  2. Category popup for add section, add column, assign category using the tree and overlay from Yahoo library PARTIAL
  3. Support for all category types: standard, exclusive, date, numeric, indexed DONE
  4. Support for open and delete file. DONE
  5. Support for view manager, and add and remove view DEFFERED
  6. Application deployable to main site with procedures documented BLOCKED

By far, the largest accomplishment was adding in support for category values. Also, you can now assign items to categories via columns in the main view. Not only did we add support for the core Agenda category types, but the approach we took will allow us to add many more category types and eventually user defined types.

The primary thing that got in the way of the defferred items was team availability. One of our team members is moving quit a distance and most of the others had very busy schedules for their day jobs (remember, at this point in time, we are all doing this project as a second job). Still, with the little time people did have, everyone did manage to pitch in and continbute in a meaningful fashion.

The only other thing that caused a bump is our host hasn’t upgraded to the latest version of Rails yet and that has caused us some deployment issues. As a result, doesn’t really do that much yet — I will let you know when we get it patched.

Overall though, this iteration has achieved a major milestone in that we now support the core agenda database operations. Specifically

  1. Add/Remove Category
  2. Add/Remove Category to Category relationships
  3. Add/Remove Item
  4. Add/Remove Category to Item relationships
  5. The core category types
  6. The core assignment value types — with the ability to edit the values


The product is still on the ugly side as our main focus is driving out functionality. You are welcome to chime in with user interface ideas — but expect it to change as we go through our iterations.

First up, we finally added in the ability to open and delete files (previously you had to create a new file each time you logged in)

Creating a new file still works the same:

After you open the file, you can start entering in your items. Now however, there is an “assign” link under the columns:

When you click on the assign link, a popup opens. Eventually this popup will vary based on the category type — for now though it is a simple text entry with a misbehaving save button (yo, button! get back to your spot):

Since People is a standard category, when I enter Tanya in the assignment and save, a Tanya category is created under People and my item is assigned to Tanya. If I wanted to, I could remove the assignment to Tanya by pressing the remove link. I would never do that, however, as Tanya is my wife:

And in case you didn’t believe me when I said it automatically added the Tanya category, check out the category manager 😛

Now lets add the famous “When” category (eventually that will be automatically created when you create a new file):

Look, we added a Date category!. Lets go back to the view and add in a When column:

And even though I see my wife every day, lets schedule that lunch for July 6th:

If I change my mind on the date, I could hit assign again OR the date or remove the assignment and add in a new one.

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